International Advisory Board

F. Aumayr (Austria)
T. Azuma (Japan)
P. Beiersdorfer (United States of America)
J. Burgdörfer (Austria)
A. Cassimi (France)
H. Cederquist (Sweden)
F. Currell (United Kingdom)
R. Hoekstra (The Netherlands)
R. Hutton (China)
X. Ma (China)
F. Martín (Spain)
N. Nakamura (Japan)
M. Pajek (Poland)
R. Rivarola (Argentina)
R. Schuch (Sweden)
V. Shabaev (Russia)
Th. Stöhlker (Germany)
J. Tanis (United States of America)
K. Tökési (Hungary)
L. Tribedi (India)
J. Ullrich (Germany)
D. Vernhet (France)
Y. Zou (China)
T. Zouros (Greece)

Important information:

Proceedings of the HCI-2016 were published in the Special Issue of Nuclear Instruments and Methods B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms

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Book of Abstracts:
The final version of the HCI-2016 Book of Abstracts:
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1st Announcement: January, 2016
Final Announcement: August, 2016